Meeting global challenges and making a difference - aligning international development policy with global goals: analysis of responses

Analysis of responses received during consultation on international development policy.

Note on Terminology and Glossary

Throughout this document, the term 'Global Goals' will be used to refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. However, some respondents referred to the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) in their comments, and where these comments are referred to in the report, this terminology is retained.

The following abbreviations are used in this report:

DfID: ( UK) Department for International Development

DfID GEC: DfID Girls' Education Challenge programme

DfID PPA: DfID Programme Partnership Arrangements

DEC: Development Education Centre

ECHO: Educational Concerns for Haiti Organisation

GDP: Gross Domestic Product

GNI: Gross National Income

( UN) (I) HDI: ( UN) (Inequality-adjusted) Human Development Index

IDF: (Scotland's) International Development Fund

MPI: Multidimensional Poverty Index

(i) NGO: (international) non-governmental organisation

NIDOS: Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland

PBR: payment by results

PCD: policy coherence for development

SMP: Scotland Malawi Partnership

SME: small and medium-sized enterprise

( UN) SDGs: ( UN) Sustainable Development Goals

THET: Tropical Health and Education Trust

UN: United Nations

UNICEF: United Nations Children's Emergency Fund

USAid: United States Agency for International Development


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