Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) standards: access, choice, support

Evidence based standards to enable the consistent delivery of safe, accessible, high-quality drug treatment across Scotland. These are relevant to people and families accessing or in need of services, and health and social care staff responsible for delivery of recovery oriented systems of care.


Alphabetical order

Authors – Tracey Clusker, Elinor Dickie, Dr Duncan McCormick

Dr Seonaid Anderson NHS Grampian
Lee Barnsdale Public Health Scotland
Gwen Bayne NHS Lothian
Alan Blood Information & Research Officer, NHS Lanarkshire
Jed Brady Reach Advocacy
Caroline Bruce NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
Dr John Budd NHS Lothian
Emma Callinan Public Health Scotland
Dr. Claire Campbell Consultant Psychologist, NHS Tayside
Michael Crook Scottish Government
Dr Greig Coull Consultant clinical Psychologist/Head of Substance Use Psychology, Borders
Dr Fiona Cowden NHS Tayside
Lorna Douglas NHS Lothian
Sharon Glen National Trauma Training Programme Policy Lead, Scottish Government
Alan Houston Person with lived experience Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce MAT Subgroup
Sue Hudson-Craufurd NHS Lothian
Sandra Ferguson NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
Kim Gallacher Scottish Government
Carole Hunter Chair, Scottish Pharmacists in Substance Misuse Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce MAT Subgroup
Lucy Hetherington Scottish Government
Kirsten Horsburgh Scottish Drug Forum
Colin Hutcheon Drug Death Taskforce Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs
Independent Advocacy Providers Development Group (Substance Use)
Laura James Improvement Service
Dr Ahmed Khan Royal College of Psychiatrists
Lived Experience Reference Group
Lived Experience Reference Organisations
Scott Clements Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs
Dave Liddell Scottish Drugs Forum
MAT Subgroup
Dr. Peter Littlewood Chair, Lead Psychologist in Addiction Services Scotland
Jean Logan Specialist Pharmacists in Substance Misuse
Dr Carey Lunan Royal College of GPs Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce MAT Subgroup
Derek McCabe Reach Advocacy
Karen Mailer Public Health Scotland
Dr Rebecca Lawrence Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS Lothian Royal College of Psychiatrists Addiction Faculty Chair
Joanna McLaughlin Improvement Service
Coleen McLeod NHS Western Isles
Prof Catriona Matheson Chair, Scottish Drug Death Taskforce
Dr. Laura Mitchell Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Justina Murray Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs
Sharon Mooney Scottish Government
Scott Murphy Advocard
Dr Alison Munro University of Dundee
Maggie Page Scottish Government
John Player CAPS Advocacy
Lindsey Murphy Public Health Scotland
Dr. Christopher Pell Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS Tayside
Dr Saket Priyadarshi NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde MAT Subgroup
Simon Rayner Aberdeen City ADP MAT Subgroup
Kyna Reeves CAPS Advocacy
Dr Trina Ritchie NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Aidan Reid Royal College of Psychiatrists
Carol Muir Aberdeenshire HSCP
Lauren Ross Scottish Government
Joe Schofield Drug Research Network Scotland
Nicholas Smith Scottish Government
Scottish Families Reference Group
Dr. Tara Shivaji Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Public Health Scotland
Austin Smith Scottish Drugs Forum
Geraldine Smith Scottish Government
Dr Caroline Steele Allan Park Medical Practice
Dr Ewen Stewart RCGP
Dr Joe Tay NHS Lothian
David Taylor ARIES, Aberdeenshire
Liz Taylor Public Health Scotland
Dr. James Tidder NHS Borders
Dr. Isabel Traynor Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS Fife
Chris Wallace Communications Consultant for Scottish Drug Death Taskforce
Richard Watson Drug Death Task Force
David Williams Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Liam Wells Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Sheila Wilson NHS Lothian
Becky Wood Scottish Drug Death Task Force
Leon Wylie Scottish Drugs Forum

We would also like to acknowledge the many other people who provided support in different ways to develop and deliver the work to date.



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