Marketing of Organic Heterogeneous Material (OHM): consultation

Proposals to adopt EU regulations on the marketing of heterogenous seeds or plant material.


This consultation is seeking views on proposals to:

  1. introduce secondary legislation that will permit and regulate the production and marketing of plant reproductive material of an organic and heterogeneous nature in Scotland.
  2. method of delivery:
    • the legislative mechanisms by which organic and heterogeneous material might be marketed
    • the scope of species any new legislation should apply to

It has the potential to cover the following types of plant material:

  • cereal seed
  • fodder plant seed
  • oil and fibre plant seed
  • beet seed
  • vegetable seed
  • fruit plant propagating material
  • ornamental plant propagating material
  • seed potatoes

We expect this to be of interest to individuals and companies including:

  • professional operators (seed merchants, seed processors, seed packers)
  • licensed Crop Inspectors
  • licensed Seed Samplers
  • licensed Seed Testing Stations (LSTS)
  • farmers
  • members of the public

Requirement to consult

Regulation 16(1) of the Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964 requires some form of consultation to take place prior to amending seeds regulations.

Open consultation, engaging with citizens and stakeholder organisations, is a key part of the ‘Scottish Approach’ to policy making.

The proposals set out in this consultation apply only to Scotland.

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