Marine licensing and consenting: offshore renewable energy projects

Guidance for offshore renewable energy projects on marine licensing and consenting requirements that are administered by the Marine Directorate – Licensing Operations Team (MD-LOT) on behalf of Scottish Ministers.

Statutory consultation

Statutory consultation carried out by MD-LOT

MD-LOT, on behalf of the Scottish Ministers, carries out the statutory consultation processes and will routinely consult on the following applications and submitted documents:

  • environmental impact assessment screening report
  • environmental impact assessment scoping report
  • habitats regulations appraisal screening report
  • marine licence application
  • section 36 consent application
  • section 36a declaration
  • environmental impact assessment report
  • report to inform the Appropriate Assessment
  • European Protected Species licence and basking shark licence
  • certain aspects of the decommissioning programme

Statutory consultation carried out by prospective applicants

In some cases statutory consultation is the responsibility of applicants. These are:


Contact information for MD-LOT

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