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Mapping flood disadvantage in Scotland 2015: report

Published: 23 Dec 2015
Environment and Forestry Directorate
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Environment and climate change

This research identifies and maps the neighbourhoods in Scotland that would be most disadvantaged by flooding.

Mapping flood disadvantage in Scotland 2015: report


ABI : Association of British Insurers

AEP : Annual Exceedance Probability

CEH : Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

DCLG : Department for Communities and Local Government

FRM : Flood Risk Management

FRMS : Flood Risk Management Strategy

LFRMP : Local Flood Risk Management Plan

NFRA : National Flood Risk Assessment

OS : Ordnance Survey

PLP : Property Level Protection

PVA : Potentially Vulnerable Area

PWC : Population-weighted centroid

SEPA : Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SUDS : Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems