Managing Health at Work Partnership Information Network (PIN) Guideline

This Guideline emphasises the need for employers to promote and support employee health and wellbeing and includes sections on issues that affect the health and safety of staff in their everyday work.


Examples of reportable incidents
1 Personal accident
  • slips

  • trips and falls

  • moving and handling equipment failure

  • person trapped by something

  • exposure and contact with harmful substance

  • vehicle breakdown / road traffic accident e.g. on patient transfer

  • electric shock

2 Clinical event
  • fatality

  • wrong operation performed

  • misdiagnosis

  • healthcare associated infection

  • major outbreaks of infection

  • needlestick injury

  • infusion device failure (with/without drug incident)

  • suspected foul play

  • failure to follow procedure or protocol

  • incorrect patient assessment

  • communication problems between patient and healthcare professional

  • health records not available during consultation

  • delayed treatment or transfer

  • unexpected peri/post-operative complication

3 Violence/abuse/harassment
  • verbal aggression

  • physical violence

  • damage to property and/or personal belongings

4 Ill health
  • work-related ill health

  • failure to follow vaccination requirements

  • failure to inform OHS of any health issue likely to lead to increased risk to staff, patients and relatives

5 Near miss
  • any occasion where there is potential to lead to unintended or unexpected, harm, loss or damage to patient, carer or staff member

6 Medication/Blood Transfusion Incident
  • any significant event involving drugs or blood products being prescribed or administered

  • significant event involving infusion device (with drug incident)

  • adverse drug reaction

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