Managing allegations against foster carers and approved kinship carers - How agencies should respond

Managing allegations against foster carers and approved kinship carers provides detailed best practice guidance on how to respond when there are concerns about the safety and well-being of looked after children. It is designed to both help to ensure positive outcomes for looked after children and to minimise stress on foster and kinship carers.

Concluding Comments

However much guidance is developed and procedures made clearer, dealing with concerns about the well-being or safety of looked-after children placed with foster carers or approved kinship carers will always provoke anxieties for all involved. Fostering agencies will be concerned that they have selected as carers people who may have caused harm to the child. Carers will have felt under suspicion, that they were not trusted and will need a lot of reassurance to continue as carers for other children. For the child, ongoing support and opportunities to talk about events whether the concerns are substantiated or are found to be unsubstantiated will be important. If a legal process follows then the support for the child and for carers needs to be sustained through that process and beyond.

Putting the safety and wellbeing of the child first, understanding the special context for looked-after children placed with foster or approved kinship carers, working in close partnership with agencies which are part of the Child Protection Committee and treating the carers with respect throughout should help to achieve a proportionate response to any concerns raised.

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