Management and disposal of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs): consultation

Consultation on proposals to amend our current regulations on PCBs to ensure that we comply with the new limits set out in EU legislation.

Consultation Questions

Please note a draft Business Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) has been uploaded alongside this consultation as a supporting file.

Question 1: Do you support the proposal to implement the EU requirement for transformers or other relevant equipment containing PCBs to comply with a lower threshold, with 0.005% PCBs or less by weight and volumes of 0.05 dm3 or less being the new maximum acceptable level?


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Question 2: If you are responding as a business, can you provide any evidence of any expected additional costs or practical implications of reducing the threshold for PCB contamination.

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Question 3: Are you content for the Scottish Government to contact you for further clarification of the effects that you have estimated?




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