Management of chronic pain in children and young people: summary

A summary of the available evidence, combined with a consensus group agreement on key recommendations and suggested patient pathways.

13. Development of the guideline

13.1 Development group

This guideline was developed by the Short Life Working Group for Paediatric Pain ( see Appendix 1) chaired by Professor Lesley Colvin and co-chaired by Dr Mary Rose, at the request of the CMO.

13.2 Methodology

The key questions for this guideline were developed using the PICO principle (population, intervention, control and outcome). Predefined search strategies were utilised by SIGN researchers. The quality of the research was assessed and graded by experts in the respective fields, adhering to accredited SIGN methodology [11, 13]. However the majority of recommendations were based on group consensus opinion rather than high-grade evidence.

13.3 Consultation and peer review

The consultation for this guideline was officially launched at the Scottish Pain Research Community 7 th Annual Scientific Meeting on the 24 th March 2017. The guideline was also sent out to various organisations for comment, and was freely available for comment through


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