Making Sense Programme: final report

Report detailing the work undertaken by the Making Sense Working Group to support the implementation of these recommendations through the Making Sense: Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice Programme 2014 to 2019.

Annex D : Dyslexia Unwrapped Google Analytics

Since its launch in November 2017, there have been:

  • 28,556 users (86% new; 14% returning)
  • 20,261 actions (downloads, outbound links, clicks)
  • 7,463 video clicks
Overall Top 5 landing pages since November 2017 Overall Top 5 downloads Overall Top 5 outbound links Overall top 5 videos
1. Home page 1. Dyslexia careers 1. Mashable/Apps for dyslexia 1. See Dyslexia Differently
2. Passing your driving test with dyslexia 2. Build your own learning toolkit 2. Home schooling with dyslexia –apps for dyslexia 2. Lottie on dyslexia
3. What to expect with your driving theory test 3. Dyslexia –it’s not an illness 3. Dyslexia Scotland 3. Young Ambassadors: interview with Innes
4. So you’ve got dyslexia – what is it anyway 4. Mysterious dyslexic quirks 4. Year of Young People 2018 4. Mollie King on dyslexia
5. Dyslexia – it’s not an illness 5. Famous dyslexic people 5. Vark Learn/the Vark questionnaire 5. Calum’s film

Dyslexia Unwrapped Peak usage times coincide with events such as the Youth Days, Dyslexia Awareness Week and the end of school terms.



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