Making the justice system better for victims: what did you tell us?

Easy read summary of the main findings from the consultation on improving victims' experiences of the justice system

New specialist criminal court dealing with serious sexual offences

There was support for a specialist court to deal with serious sexual offences, including rape and attempted rape.

Respondents said

  • people working in the court should have special training about trauma and about sexual offences
  • a specialist court might mean that cases get dealt with more quickly
  • a specialist court should mean that victims have a less traumatic experience

There were different views about whether the court should be a new court or if it should be part of the High Court and Sheriff Court.

Some respondents said there should be no sentencing limits in the specialist court.

No sentencing limit means the new court would have the same powers as the High Court and could give out long prison sentences.

Some respondents were concerned that:

  • a new court might not be accessible for some people
  • a new court would be seen as less important than the High Court
  • there might not be enough money, time or staff to make sure the new court worked well

Some respondents said that there should be improvements made to all courts rather than having a specialist court.



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