Making the justice system better for victims: what did you tell us?

Easy read summary of the main findings from the consultation on improving victims' experiences of the justice system

Special measures to support people in civil cases

The civil court is different to the criminal court.

It does not decide if a person has broken the law.

It helps to sort out disagreements or arguments between people.

It can stop a person from contacting someone they have harmed.

Special measures are when people get extra support to help them give evidence in court.

This can be:

  • using a screen so the victim does not see the perpetrator
  • giving evidence from a different building on a TV link

Proposals about special measures were supported including:

  • courts should be able to stop the person who has caused harm from questioning a vulnerable person
  • special measures should be used in civil court cases

Some respondents were worried it could be difficult to provide special measures if there is not enough time, money or equipment.



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