Low Carbon Scotland: behaviours framework

This framework outlines what we will do to drive and support the move to low carbon living in the lead-up to the first key climate change target in 2020.

‘Too Good To Waste’ STV Programmes

In ‘Too Good To Waste’, a four-part television series, aired in April 2012, Scottish celebrities were challenged to reduce their wasteful ways, and were joined by a number of industry and celebrity experts to demonstrate how everyone has the potential to make changes to reduce costs and become ‘greener’. In sponsoring these programmes, the Scottish Government aimed to reach a wider audience, particularly those without access to the internet.

An independent qualitative study was undertaken to assess the impact of the programmes in motivating the desired behaviour changes. All those who participated in the study demonstrated some behaviour change during and following programmes. The behaviours most adopted related to driving, electricity management, lowering food waste and composting.

The four episodes are available to view at:


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