Low Carbon Scotland: behaviours framework

This framework outlines what we will do to drive and support the move to low carbon living in the lead-up to the first key climate change target in 2020.

So, a Low Carbon Scotland will be…

…a new Scotland, where as a society we have reduced our reliance on carbon, and living, working and travelling in sustainable ways is the norm. A low carbon Scotland will provide opportunities for all of us to flourish.

There is no doubt that the transition to low carbon living will present challenges. Individuals, households, communities and businesses are being asked to make some fairly big changes to the way they live, work and travel, and to adapt to a wide range of new technological and infrastructural measures which are driving the move to a low carbon Scotland.

The role for the Scottish Government and its partners is to influence people’s behaviour to ensure the necessary changes are achieved, whilst simultaneously ensuring that people are supported in adapting to this level of change. This Framework has presented the approach that the Scottish Government is taking to realise this.

The Scottish Government is committed to working closely with its partners – the public sector, NGOs, intermediaries, community organisations, businesses and other networks – to ensure that the transition to low carbon living is as smooth as possible. A low carbon Scotland will be a better Scotland, for everyone.


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