Long Term Monitoring of Health Inequalities: Headline Indicators – October 2014

Annual update of the 'Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities' headline indicators.

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The indicators recommended by the technical advisory group are:

Headline indicators of inequalities in health outcomes

  • Healthy Life Expectancy at birth
  • Premature Mortality from all causes aged under 75 years
  • Mental Wellbeing of adults
  • Low birthweight
  • Healthy birthweight

Indicators of inequalities in morbidity and mortality from specific causes and specific age groups

  • Coronary Heart Disease
    • first ever hospital admission for heart attack aged under 75 years
    • deaths aged 45-74 years
  • Cancer
    • incidence rate aged under 75 years
    • deaths aged 45-74 years
  • Alcohol
    • first ever hospital admission aged under 75 years
    • deaths aged 45-74 years
  • All-cause mortality aged 15-44 years

This year's report does not include results for healthy life expectancy or mental wellbeing. Healthy life expectancy is updated every second year using data covering a two year period. Data for the mental wellbeing indicator for 2013 is not yet available. Users will be consulted on the timing for the next update.

Inequalities indicators for cancer incidence and mortality are presented for all cancers and each of the four most common types of cancer.


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