Long Term Monitoring of Health Inequalities: Headline Indicators – October 2014

Annual update of the 'Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities' headline indicators.

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1. For further information on the recommendations of the technical group, see:

2. The first Long-Term Monitoring of Health Inequalities report, including Technical Advisory Group Membership, is available here:

3. NHS Health Scotland Policy Review, March 2014:

4. Equally Well, 2008:

5. Report of the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities, March 2014:

6. Further information on the change to the European Standard Population is available on the Office for National Statistics website:


8. See for more information.

9. See for more information.

10. See Annex 2 for full details on the way suicides were coded. Data in this report are defined consistently over time to aid interpretation of long-term trends.

11. See Sergeant JC, Firth D. Relative index of inequality: definition, estimation, and inference. Biostatistics 2006;7:213-24 for further details



14. See for further information: Centile charts for birthweight for gestational age for Scottish singleton births, Sandra Bonellie


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