Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities - Headline Indicators - October 2010

This publication is an update of headline indicators from the long term monitoring of health inequalities report, last published in September 2009.

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Annex 1: Short Life Technical Advisory Group on Monitoring Health Inequalities


  • Jill Vickerman
    Scottish Government; Head of Health Analytical Services Division

Group Membership

  • Marion Bain
    NHS Information Services Division; Medical Director
  • Kay Barton
    Scottish Government; Deputy Director: Health Improvement Strategy
  • Neil Craig
    NHS Health Scotland; Senior Public Health Advisor
  • David Gordon
    NHS Health Scotland / Scot PHO; Head of Public Health Observatory
  • Professor Alastair Leyland
    Medical Research Council; Social & Public Health Sciences Unit
  • Gordon McLaren
    NHS Fife; Public Health Consultant
  • Rosalia Munoz-Arroyo
    NHS Information Services Division / Scot PHO; Senior Information Analyst
  • Emma Stevens
    Scottish Government; Statistician; Health Analytical Services Division
  • Diane Stockton
    NHS Information Services Division / Scot PHO; Programme Principal
  • Professor Matt Sutton
    Aberdeen University
  • Bruce Whyte
    Glasgow Centre for Population Health; Public Health Programme Manager
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