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Long-term monitoring of health inequalities: December 2018 report

Published: 11 Dec 2018

Annual update of the long-term monitoring of health inequalities headline indicators.

Long-term monitoring of health inequalities: December 2018 report


The indicators monitored by this report series are:

Headline indicators of health inequalities

  • Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Premature Mortality from all causes (aged under 75 years)
  • Mental Wellbeing of adults (aged 16+)

Indicators of inequalities in morbidity and mortality

  • Coronary Heart Disease: first ever hospital admission for heart attack (aged under 75 years)
  • Coronary Heart Disease: deaths (aged 45-74 years)
  • Cancer: incidence (aged under 75 years)
  • Cancer: deaths (aged 45-74 years)
  • Alcohol: first hospital admissions (aged under 75 years)
  • Alcohol-related deaths (aged 45-74 years)
  • All-cause mortality (aged 15-44 years)
  • Low birthweight
  • Healthy birthweight
  • Self-assessed health of adults (aged 16+)
  • Limiting long-term conditions amongst adults (aged 16+)

This year’s report does not include results for the Healthy Life Expectancy indicator, as these are produced every second year and were included in the previous report.

Tables showing the most up-to-date trends in relative and absolute inequalities for all indicators are published on the Scottish Government website.


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