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Health inequalities- results and publications


The latest Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalites report was published in March 2017, with data for most indicators up to 2015.

Previous reports

Excel web tables

The latest web tables are available in excel format.


Users will be provided full information on future planned revisions. Where a revision has been made, its impact will be explained in the publication that year. In order to preserve long-term trends, more substantial revisions to methodology will be backdated to the beginning of each time series.

Healthy Life Expectancy sections of the October 2015 report were revised in March 2016 after revised data were supplied by ISD Scotland.

Timeliness of indicator updates

This report has been published annually in September/October since 2010.  Timeliness of release will be based upon availability of data (including provisional data) for full set of indicators due to be updated.  After taking account of user requirements, the next edition of this report has been pre-announced for release in December 2016, allowing indicators to be updated with data for an additional two years.