Health and social care integration - localities: guidance

Information about locality arrangements covering some of the practicalities that Integration Authorities should take into account when establishing and supporting localities.

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3 Who Should Read this Guidance?

3.1 This guidance is for everyone who is involved in integration in local health and social care systems. In particular, it is of interest to:

  • the members of Integration Authorities, upon which the legislation places responsibilities in terms of establishing, supporting and understanding activity in localities;
  • people working in Health Boards and Local Authorities, who will need to support and help implement the requirements on Integration Authorities to establish, support and understand activity in localities;
  • clinicians and other professionals, for whom localities provide a real opportunity to contribute directly to the shape of local service provision;
  • people working in multi-disciplinary teams;
  • members of strategic planning groups;
  • people working in the third and independent sectors who provide a range of social care services for people within localities; and
  • people in local communities, who can get involved in localities in order to support and influence the design and delivery of health and social care services.



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