Local Housing Strategy: guidance 2019

Guidance to support a local authority to prepare a Local Housing Strategy (LHS).

6. Local Context

6.1 The LHS should include a concise description of the local authority area to illustrate the context within which the LHS outcomes are to be delivered. It would be helpful to include how the area links with neighbouring authorities, the urban/rural split of the area and the overall number and distribution of the population. Anything in the area that has a particular influence on housing and housing related services delivery including the findings of the EQIA should be included in the LHS.

6.2 Any significant points coming from the HNDA which have provided evidence that has helped shape and determine LHS priorities and outcomes should be set out.

Areas the Scottish Government would expect to see addressed in each LHS:

a) A summary of the local authority area location, urban/rural split, house condition, and population information as it impacts on the delivery of housing and housing related support.

b) A summary of significant points from the HNDA that have influenced the development of LHS priorities and outcomes.


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