Local Governance Review - democracy matters: easy read

An easy read version of a short set of questions to support a conversation with people about local communities deciding their own future.

3. How communities could be more in control.

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The Scottish Government has to decide how making decisions in communities can work best.

For example, we need to make sure people understand the decisions that need to be made and how these decisions may affect their lives.

a diverse community standing together

We may need to have different ways to make decisions in different communities.

The Scottish Government want to understand what types and sizes of community make sense to people. Making decisions in the community can be difficult. The Scottish Government want to hear what you think would work.

About your community – Question 1.

Local could mean a large town, a village, or neighbourhood.

  • Tell us what ‘local’ means to you and your community.
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The Scottish Government wants to explore how public services, councils and the Government can better support local decision making.

Some examples of groups that take action and make decisions in communities are:

  • council area committees
  • area partnerships
  • community councils
  • development trusts
  • community based housing associations
  • community led groups and organisations
A Comittee discussing plans

There are other ways that communities can get involved in making decisions:

A woman on a kayboard as 2 men oversee while taking notes

Community action planning

This is a way that people can get involved in making plans for what might happen in their community.

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Participatory Budgeting

This is a new way for people to get together to make decisions on how to spend money for their community.

a diverse community standing together

These different ways could be developed to support more people to get involved in making decisions about community and public services.

A community working together

That might include sharing powers or resources differently between the Scottish Government, councils and communities. It may need more local governance or other ways to get involved.

This review is a way to make sure all types of community voices are heard in decision making.

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We want to get this right to help make a real difference to local issues. We want to improve equalities and human rights across Scotland.

This includes issues like housing, health and a decent standard of living.

About your community - More questions.

  • Tell us which groups help you get involved in making decisions in the community.
  • Tell us how groups could help people get involved in new local decision making powers.
  • Tell us how new ways of making local decisions could work well.
  • Tell us what changes or support are needed for this to work properly.


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