Local Governance Review - democracy matters: easy read

An easy read version of a short set of questions to support a conversation with people about local communities deciding their own future.

2. Getting involved in making decisions about your community.

A group discussing something and a person finding it difficult to get involved

Many people get involved in making decisions that affect their lives and the services they need.

Some people do not get involved in making decisions in their communities. This may be because they find it difficult to get involved.

It could be because they feel they are not allowed to get involved.

A group of people asking a question

The Scottish Government want to know how you get involved and have your say at the moment.

A large group of people having a meeting and voting

They want to understand what stops people from getting involved in making decisions.

They want to know what could help you share your ideas for making your community better.

Getting Involved - Question 1.

  • Tell us about your experiences of getting involved in making decisions that affect your local community. Remember that 'community' can also mean 'community of interest'.

Democracy in Scotland works in different ways.

A person making a choice

People can vote in elections to choose representatives, like MPs or MSPs, who make important decisions that affect our communities.

Some people are able to make sure their voice is heard when decisions are being made about the issues they care about in their local communities.

Some people are able to make decisions themselves. Some people need help to do this.

We want to make sure there are lots of different ways to make decisions about how to make our communities better.

Getting Involved - Question 2.

  • Tell us what sorts of issues your local community or community of interest should have more control over.


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