Scottish Connections (diaspora) work: qualitative research

Reports on findings from qualitative research looking at what successful a diaspora engagement strategy should consider and include. Provides a synthesis of existing evidence and an analysis of data from interviews and focus groups with key diaspora stakeholders.

Appendix 2: Topic Guides for Focus Groups

Subject Areas to inform questions:

Diaspora – do they know what it is?

Awareness of current diaspora policy

Links with Scotland/visits to Scotland

Involvement in Scottish diaspora organisations

Attendance at events and activities in Homeland/Resident Location

Scotland's services to diaspora (Economic/Cultural/Political/Etc)

Researcher Introduction:

Thank you for agreeing to engage with this focus group today, it is very much appreciated. I am Murray Leith/Duncan Sim. As you know we have been asked to conduct research into the subject of a successful diaspora engagement strategy to help inform future options for Scotland's diaspora engagement. As you may remember from the participant information sheet, all information is confidential and anonymous, and we ask you to only use first names if you use names at all today. All information from this focus group will only identify people by gender and very general geographic location.

(Ask if there are any questions after this)

I would now like to ask some questions about…

Diaspora – do you know what this term means?

Are you aware that the Scottish Government engages with the diaspora? (if so, what do you know about that?)

How do you keep yourself informed about what's happening in Scotland? Do you still have direct links with Scotland? (if so…)

Do you still regularly visit Scotland (how often, when, where to)?

Are you involved in any Scottish diaspora organisations? Do you yourself get involved in any Scottish activities, such as dancing, Highland Games etc.?

Do you attend any Scottish events and activities in either Scotland/Resident Location?

What would you like to see from Scotland in regards to engaging with and supporting the diaspora (Economic/Cultural/Political/etc.)?

Thank you (ensure you finish by asking) Is there anything you want to say that you have not had a chance to say?"

Researcher Conclusion

Thank you for your time and input today – it has been very valuable and as I said, it is very much appreciated. As I mentioned previously, all information will be anonymised and people will be identified by gender and general location only. Please do feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions whatsoever.

Close and end session.



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