The Lews Castle College (Transfer & Closure) Order 2023: Fairer Scotland Duty summary

Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment carried out for the proposal to merge Lews Castle College with North Highland College.

Fairer Scotland Duty summary template

Title of Proposal

The Lews Castle College (Transfer & Closure) Order 2023

Summary of Aims and Expected Outcomes of Proposal

To close Lews Castle College and merge it into North Highland College.

The colleges who wish to merge aim to create an anchor institution of scale; To become more financially resilient; To increase opportunities for college staff; To make services for learners more resilient.

Summary of Evidence

The evidence stage told the Scottish Government that there was a very scattered, rural community of learners who had particular transport needs as they live in the Outer Hebrides, who were directly affected by the proposal.

However the commitment by the merging parties that they had no current plans to withdraw courses from any locations in which the courses were run, nor to close any centres in which courses were run provided assurance that this community of learners would not suffer any reduction in access to education as a result of this proposal. The colleges have committed to no compulsory redundancies as a consequence of the merger process.

Summary of Assessment Findings

No changes are being made to the proposal as there is no detrimental impact identified.

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Name: Adam Reid

Job title: DD – Skills; Lifelong Learning & Science



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