Learning Disability, Autism and Neurodiversity Bill - Lived Experience Advisory Panel: recruitment information - easy read

We are looking to recruit neurodivergent people to take part in a panel that will help us design an inclusive consultation for a new proposed bill.

Making a Bill

A Bill is an early version of a law which has not yet been introduced.

This Bill will be made by the Scottish Government.

While they are making the Bill the Scottish Government will talk to many people across Scotland to find out what they think of it.

The Bill will then be introduced to the Scottish Parliament.

The Bill will then be looked at and talked about by a group in the Scottish Parliament who will tell the Members of the Scottish Parliament if it thinks the Parliament should support the Bill or not.

Members of the Scottish Parliament will talk about the Bill and maybe make changes to it.

The Members of the Scottish Parliament will then vote to pass the Bill or not.

If the Bill is passed by the Scottish Parliament it will then be approved by the King and become law in Scotland.

When this happens the Bill will be known as an Act.


Email: LDAN.Bill@gov.scot

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