Landlord registration: consultation on a review of applications and fees

The consultation invites views on proposals to ask landlords for additional information to demonstrate that they meet their legal responsibilities.

Annex D: Processing landlord registration applications

Local authorities carry out a wide range of functions to process landlord registration applications, including:

  • clarifying and checking information provided in new and renewal applications (including use of power to obtain information);
  • clarifying details on paper application forms; requesting missing information, correcting details and adding paper applications to the online register;
  • conducting compliance investigations with a range of internal council departments and other agencies, such as Police Scotland, prior to deciding an application;
  • sharing and reviewing information held by other local authorities in relation to the fit and proper person test (including complaints about the landlord);
  • provision of advice and assistance at the point of application to support landlords to be compliant, including referral to training courses and development of action plans to improve landlord practice so that the landlord can meet the fit and proper person test;
  • seeking expert legal advice on complex applications;
  • preparation of advice and referral to committee for a decision on applications, for example where the case is complex or may be refused;
  • making and issuing decisions relating to approvals and refusals;
  • noting the register when applications are refused;
  • office costs such as printing, posting, photocopying; and
  • processing payments.

Specific tasks relating to property may include:

  • checking information provided in relation to let property, including joint owner information;
  • requesting and checking documentation (for example, tenancy agreement; gas safety certificate etc.);
  • clarifying any address and/or ownership anomalies;
  • manually adding addresses to applications;
  • inspection of properties where there are concerns over the condition or safety of property let by the applicant;
  • cross referencing information provided on properties with a Houses in Multiple Occupation licence.


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