Land and Buildings Transaction Tax: First-Time Buyer Relief consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to the public consultation and the Scottish Government Response.

2. Executive Summary

The consultation received 13 individual responses and 8 responses from major stakeholder organisations, as set out at Annex A.

There was broad support from respondents for the proposed intention of the relief. A number of changes to the detail of the proposal were however suggested and questions were raised as to how the relief would work in practice. The most significant of these can be summarised as:

  • Proposals to include details specifying the relief in the legislation.
  • Comments that the proposed introduction of a new definition around a 'major interest in land' would add unnecessary complexity.
  • Calls for the Scottish Government to follow the approach taken for a similar relief in SDLT with regard to linked transactions.
  • Concerns about how certain aspects of the relief would operate in practice, with calls for more detailed guidance from Revenue Scotland.
  • Suggestions that that the application of the relief should be back-dated as far as possible to capture the largest number of eligible first-time buyers.

With reference to equalities, various respondents asked the Scottish Government to consider the impact of this policy on couples, divorcees and single parent households, disabled individuals, individuals previously declared bankrupt, individuals approaching state retirement age and refugees.

The Scottish Government's response to relevant issues raised in the consultation and planned future approach can be found in Annex B of this document.


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