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Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2013

Published: 28 Aug 2013
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This publication aims to provide an easily accessible reference document which offers information on a wide range of environmental topics. It covers key datasets on the state of the environment in Scotland, with an emphasis on the trends over time wherever possible. The data are supplemented by text providing brief background information on environmental impacts, relevant legislation and performance against national and international targets.

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Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2013
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Population and Households: 1991-2035

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 1990-201

Electricity Generation by Source: 2000-2011

Motor Traffic on All Roads: 1993-2012

Background - Footnotes

Public Attitudes & Behaviours

Perceived Significant Environmental Problems: 2008

Agreement or Disagreement with Statements About Climate Change and the Environment: 2008

Perceived Immediacy of Climate Change: 2008

Frequency of Use of Local Greenspace: 2012

Outdoor Visits: 2006 - 2012

Public Attitudes & Behaviours - Footnotes

Global Atmosphere

Annual Mean Temperature: 1910-2012

Annual Precipitation: 1910-2012

Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Source: 1990-2011

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Adjusted to Take Account of Trading in the EU Emissions Trading System: 1990-2011

Column Ozone Measurements: 1981-2012

Global Atmosphere - Footnotes

Air Quality

Particulate (PM10) Concentrations: 1993-2012

Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations: 1992-2012

Ground Level Ozone Concentrations: 1990-2012

Emissions of Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides from Large Combustion Plants: 1996-2012

Sensitive Habitats Exceeding Critical Loads for Acidification and Eutrophication: 1995-1997 to 2009-2011

Air Quality - Footnotes


Public Water Supplies - Water Abstracted and Supplied: 2002/03-2012/13

Drinking Water Quality: 1992-2012

River Water Quality: 1992-2012

Nitrate Concentrations in Rivers: 1993-2012

Orthophosphate Concentrations in Rivers: 1993-2012

Water - Footnotes


Compliance with the EC Bathing Water Directive (76/160/EEC): 1988-2012

Selected Commercial Fish Stocks: 1960-2013

Marine - Footnotes


Exposure of the Population to All Sources of Radiation: 2010

Activity Concentrations in Milk: 1966-2012

Radioactivity - Footnotes

Waste & Recycling

Waste Sent to Landfill: 2000-2011

Local Authority Collected Municipal Solid Waste (LACMSW): 2000/01-2011/12

Waste Recycling Behaviour: 2000-2011 and Food Waste Disposal: 2012

Waste & Recycling - Footnotes


Broad Habitat Change: 1990-2007

Derelict and Urban Vacant Land: 2006-2012

Agricultural Land Use: 1982-2012

Nutrients Applied to Crops and Grass: 1986-2012

Area of Woodland: 1924-2013

Land - Footnotes


Designated Areas: 1991-2013

Scheduled Monuments: 1991-2013

Conservation - Footnotes


Changes in Plant Species Richness: 1990-2007

Status of UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Habitats in Scotland: 2008

Status of UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Species in Scotland: 2008

Status of Wild Bird Populations: 1975-2011

Catches of Wild Salmon: 1952-2012

Biodiversity - Footnotes

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