Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2009

Annual publication containing summary of key statistics on environmental trends in Scotland


1) The 1961-1990 averages used in this publication are calculated from 5km grid squares and differ from the averages published by the Met Office which are based upon 1km grid squares. The averages used are temperature: 7.03°C and precipitation: 1390.57mm.
2) The 1910s exclude 1910-1913 and the 2000s exclude 2009.
3) IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007 A Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
4) Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC), Working Group 1 ( WG1) Report , February 2007 The Physical Science Basis of Climate Change
5) UK Climate Projections 2009. The projected changes, based on the 1961-90 averages, use the Medium emissions scenario climate model, and are for the 2080s, i.e. a 2071-2100 average. The central estimate (50% probability) has been used.
6) December - February
7) June - August
8) Emissions are weighted by Global Warming Potential ( GWP). GWP accounts for the potency of the gas as well as the amount emitted. For example, PFCs and SF6 are released in small quantities, but are long-lived and therefore highly potent.
9) The uncertainty for Scottish emissions is ±23.8%. For more details see Baggott et al. (2008).
10) Figures may not sum due to rounding.
11) This figure does not include emissions from international aviation and shipping. In 2006, AEA have estimated that Scotland's share of UK greenhouse gas emissions from international aviation and shipping equalled 2.3 Mt CO 2e, compared to 2.2 Mt CO 2e in 2005 and 2.0 Mt CO 2e in 1990. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data for International Aviation and Shipping, 1990-2006
12) Emissions from off-shore oil and gas installations are not included in the Scottish inventory.
13) This total has not been adjusted to take account of the effect of trading in carbon units.
14) Includes emissions which have not been allocated to Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland.
15) The target will be measured against a 1990 baseline for carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, and a 1995 baseline for the F-gases. The target includes Scotland's share of emissions from international aviation and shipping which are not included in the data presented here (see footnote 11). In addition the target will take account of trading in carbon units.
16) Joanna Jackson, Yvonne Li, Neil Passant, Jenny Thomas, Glen Thistlethwaite, Amanda Thomson & Laura Cardenas (2008) " Greenhouse Gas Inventories for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: 1990-2006". AEA Technology, AEAT/ENV/R/2669.
17) In accordance with the inventory specification, emission estimates due to road transport are based on UK sales of fuel. These have been apportioned on the basis of kilometres travelled in each part of the UK.
18) Stratospheric ozone should not be confused with tropospheric (ground level) ozone.
19) Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: e-Digest of Environmental Statistics.

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