Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Justice Analytical Services data report: January 2022

This pack provides information on the impact of COVID-19 on the Justice system during January 2022.

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First substantive marking

When COPFS receive a report that someone has committed a crime the prosecutor must decide whether and what action to take. This is recorded on the case as a "marking". If a decision cannot be taken immediately, an interim marking may be recorded. When a substantive decision is reached a First Substantive Marking (FSM) is recorded, to indicate how the prosecutor has decided to proceed.

The number of accused given a FSM by COPFS in January 2022 has increased slightly but is still below pre-pandemic levels. The number of unmarked reports in January 2022 is still below pre-pandemic levels and the number of interim marked reports is above pre-pandemic levels.

Chart: Marking status of COPFS reports (bars – monthly count April 2020 to January 2022, dashed lines 19-20 average)
Bar chart showing marking status of COPFS reports by month.



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