Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 - relinquishment and assignation provisions: islands community impact assessment

Islands Community Impact Assessment for the implementation of the Relinquishment and Assignation provisions contained within the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016.


The three SSIs will apply throughout Scotland. They are unlikely to have a negative impact for island communities, and provide the same opportunities for those eligible island tenant farmers who wish to retire from agriculture as eligible tenant farmers on mainland Scotland.

The implementation of these provisions has the potential to provide a small number of new opportunities for new entrants or those progressing in agriculture across island communities and also may provide an opportunity for supporting the continuation of people and agricultural activities on Scottish islands.

ICIA completed by:  John Martin

Position:  Senior Policy Advisor

Signature: John Martin

Date completed: 08 December 2020

ICIA approved by: James Muldoon

Position: Head of Agricultural Support Policy Development Unit

Signature: James Muldoon

Date completed: 08 December 2020



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