Investing in and paying for your water services from 2021: consultation

This engagement paper seeks your views on investing and paying for water services from 2021.


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Scotland is enjoying the real improvements to drinking water quality, the environment and customer service since Scottish Water’s creation in 2002.

Our collective focus on the need to improve the quality and standards of services, our determination to keep charges affordable, and the commitment shown by our water industry has resulted in Scotland’s drinking water quality, environmental performance and levels of service reaching their highest levels ever.

These are impressive achievements over a period in which average charges have fallen in real terms and remain amongst the lowest in the UK.

However significant challenges lie ahead and we must plan carefully to address these and ensure that the progress made is maintained so that we continue to have a sustainable high performing water industry meeting customers’ needs at affordable prices.

The process of determining charges for the period 2021-27 is now underway. The Scottish Government plays a central role in determining the key policy parameters to guide that process.

This paper invites your views on key issues central to the development of that framework.

Roseanna Cunningham

Purpose of Engagement

The availability of wholesome drinking water and the safe disposal of wastewater are crucial to public health and a clean environment. In this paper we consider the investment needs and how customers should pay for the water and wastewater services provided in the regulatory period 2021-27 and beyond.

Views are invited on:

  • Scottish Ministers’ key policy objectives for the next regulatory period.
  • The principles which govern how Scottish Water charges its customers for the services that it provides.
  • A draft set of Ministerial investment objectives for Scottish Water.

If you would like to comment on the issues raised in this paper please respond via Citizen Space at The closing date for responses is 28 September 2018.

Information gathered from this process will inform Ministers’ decisions on the policy framework that should apply to the Scottish water industry in the next regulatory period.

We welcome early responses.


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