Introduction of a UK - wide digital waste tracking system: partial business regulatory impact assessment

A business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) to assess the impact on Scotland of proposals to implement a UK-wide mandatory waste tracking system. This accompanies a UK-wide consultation on these proposals, available here:

9. Recommendation

88. We are consulting on the implementation of an electronic system for waste tracking and have explored three options, set out above (Section 4), which allow the Scottish Government, and other governments of the UK to fulfil legal requirements e.g. to track for waste containing Persistent Organic Pollutants and hazardous waste.

89. Our preferred option (Option 3, Section 4.3.2) sets out the mandatory use of an electronic waste tracking service for all waste. This will provide a means for businesses to record all waste movements/transfers in one central service and will enable the UK to effectively track waste through the economy, as well as products and materials produced from waste. The other options considered here are not preferred, because the current detrimental impacts incurred by the natural environment, local communities and legitimate businesses would not be sufficiently addressed. Without the ability to effectively and efficiently track waste and communicate timely relevant data – as proposed under Option 3 - we risk further environmental damage; operational inefficiency; and fewer investment opportunities for innovation.

90. This recommendation will be reviewed in light of further information gathered through further consultation with stakeholders, which will also be used to form the final BRIA.

9.1 Declaration and publication

91. I have read the Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment and I am satisfied that, given the available evidence, it represents a reasonable view of the likely costs, benefits and impact of the leading options. I am satisfied that business impact will be assessed with the support of businesses in Scotland.

Minister's name: Lorna Slater MSP Minister's title: Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity


Date: 22/11/2021

Scottish Government Contact point: Aidan Grisewood


Date: 22/11/2021



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