Market restrictions on single-use plastic items: consultation analysis

An analysis report summarising and describing the responses to the public consultation on introducing market restrictions on single-use plastic items in Scotland.

Annex 2: Response to individual questions

Questions Organisations Individuals
n % of 90 n % of 697
Q1(a) Do you support the proposal to introduce a restriction on the supply by businesses in a commercial capacity in Scotland on each of the single-use plastic items listed and all oxo-degradable products?
  • Single-use plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks)
68 76% 696 100%
  • Single-use plastic plates (plates, trays/platters, bowls)
68 76% 695 100%
  • Single-use plastic straws
70 78% 695 100%
  • Single-use plastic beverage stirrers
68 76% 695 100%
  • Single-use plastic balloon sticks
66 73% 693 99%
  • Single-use food containers made of expanded polystyrene
69 77% 695 100%
  • Single-use cups and other beverage containers made of expanded polystyrene, including their covers and lids
67 74% 694 100%
  • All oxo-degradable products
71 79% 686 98%
Q1(b) Please give reasons and where possible provide evidence to support the view expressed in response to Question 1(a). 76 84% 617 89%
Q1(c) Do you support the introduction of a restriction on the supply in a non-commercial capacity (rather than only in the course of commercial activity) of the specified single-use plastic and oxo-degradable items? (Yes / No) 22 24% 2 0%
Please give reasons. 25 28% 2 0%
Q1(d) Do you support the introduction of a restriction on the manufacturing of the specified single-use plastic and oxo-degradable items, excluding those for which exemptions will be introduced? (Yes / No) 67 74% 690 99%
Please give reasons. 65 72% 519 74%
Q2 To your knowledge, are any of the oxo-degradable products identified in this document present on the Scottish market? Are there any additional oxo-degradable products available on the Scottish market that we have not identified? Please provide evidence to support your answer. 57 63% 395 57%
Q3 The SUP Directive includes limited exemptions for single-use plastic straws and balloon sticks. Are there other exemptions we should consider in relation to the market restrictions being proposed? (Yes / No) 64 71% 622 89%
Please give reasons. 63 70% 346 50%
Q4 How can we make sure disabled people have access to plastic straws if they require them for medical reasons or to support independent living, whilst at the same time restricting wider access for environmental purposes in a way that fulfils the SUP Directive requirements? 66 73% 586 84%
Q5 This consultation highlights other items that the Scottish Government intends to consider market restrictions for in future (plastic wet wipes, plastic tampon applicators and those other products contained in the UK Plastics Pact's list of items to be eliminated by end of 2020 which are not currently subject to existing or proposed market restrictions). Would you support the consideration of market restrictions on these items or any other items we haven't listed? (Yes / No) 62 69% 686 98%
Please provide reasons and evidence where possible. 75 83% 492 71%
Q6 Taking into account the accompanying impact assessments, can you identify any environmental, economic or social impacts we have not identified when developing the proposals contained in this consultation? (Yes / No) 63 70% 620 89%
Please give reasons. 52 58% 201 29%
Q7 Do you believe the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in changes to the market or wider economy that are not fully accounted for through this consultation? (Yes / No) 66 73% 613 88%
Please give reasons. 70 78% 380 55%
Q8 Do you have any other comments that you would like to make, relevant to the subject of this consultation, that you have not covered in your answers to other questions? 62 69% 295 42%



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