Post-school education, research and skills - interim purpose and principles: discussion guide

A discussion guide to support feedback on the framework for building an excellent post-school education, research and skills ecosystem for Scotland.

Principle One – High Quality

This section will support session participants to consider the principle of "High Quality" and the policy options available to support the delivery of this principle in Scotland today and in the future.

Question 1.1

  • Do you agree with inclusion of and language of the principle of High Quality?

Question 1.2

  • This principle is about when, where and how opportunities are provided.
  • How do you think we can best build a supportive and equitable ecosystem to enable different kinds of user journeys?

Principle One - Facilitators Notes

  • Section One allows participants to consider the principle of "High Quality".
  • Facilitators are encouraged to support groups to discuss the questions before summarising and sharing the output of their discussions.
  • Depending on the group, the two questions could be discussed in turn, or alternatively the participants could be grouped and allocated different questions to explore.

Question 1.1, could be considered in two parts:

  • 1.1 (a) Do you agree that this is an important principle that should be included as part of the Purpose and Principles?
  • 1.1 (b) Do you have any thoughts on the language or framing of this principle?

In considering question 1.1, participants could be provided with the following scaffolding to support their thinking and any discussion. For example:

  • What does high quality mean to you in your role in the broader ecosystem or Scotland's wellbeing economy more generally?
  • Is this the right description of the principle of high quality? Is there anything missing that you would expect to see?

Question 1.2, could be considered in two parts:

  • 1.2 (a) What kind of delivery options need to be available to individuals to build a supportive and equitable ecosystem?
  • 1.2 (b) Do you have any examples of good practice of this principle or identifiable areas for improvement?

In considering question 1.2, participants could be provided with the following scaffolding to support their thinking and any discussion. For example:

  • How do we support individuals and their different needs to access and complete journeys through the ecosystem? This may include considering the type of delivery methods, which could include things like digital, blended or in person learning. It could also consider things like part time, full time or micro credentials.
  • How do we provide smooth and easy to navigate transitions between parts of the ecosystem? This may also include consideration of the recognition of prior learning and experience and exploring different integrated degree models.
  • How can Fair Work and continuous professional development be supported across the ecosystem to maintain the highest standards of quality in learning, teaching, research and support?
  • How can we ensure that people's experience of learning in all environments equips them for productive work?
  • How do we build our knowledge and understanding of the benefits and outcomes from different learner pathways?



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