Integration of Adult Health and Social Care in Scotland: Consultation on Proposals

The consultation provides an opportunity for public and professional scrutiny of Ministers' plans for integration of adult health and social care.

Local Government in Scotland

Councillor Douglas Yates COSLA Health and Wellbeing Spokesperson photograph

Scottish Local Government welcomes these proposals on the integration of health and social care and recognises that strong and effective partnership must be at the heart of driving better outcomes for the people of Scotland. The partnership we have forged at a national level between COSLA, the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and our partners in the third and independent sectors has been instrumental in drafting a set of proposals that are both balanced and ambitious.

The road to success remains long and hard and we will doubtless confront many challenges along the way: demographic change continues to drive increasing demand, public finances are constrained, and we want to shift resources to community-based services. I have no doubt that the proposed arrangements, whatever their final form, will need time to embed, develop and demonstrate added value. But what we have with these proposals is a foundation on which to build stronger local delivery arrangements, tighter governance and accountability and better outcomes for people who require care and support.

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