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Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables: 1998-2018

Published: 17 Nov 2021
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Download the Supply, Use and analytical Input-Output Tables produced by the Scottish Government.

17 Nov 2021
Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables: 1998-2018

Supply, Use, Input-Output Tables and Multipliers for download

The tables available for download here relate to 1998 to 2018. These were published on November 17 2021.

The tables are available in filtered list Excel (xlsx) format and printable Adobe PDF. They are set out in the traditional Supply Use Table format and are intended for viewing and printing.

Please note that all the tables are also available in machine readable format on the Scottish Government Open Data Platform. This is a compressed archive (zip) file with excel (MS Office version 2016 .xlsx) datasets are in stacked (wide) format with variable names in row 1 and unstacked (narrow) format with all values in a single column. For guidance on how to access this zipped collection of files using API, please visit the help guide.

More information about presentational and methodological changes can be seen the the Developments section of the Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables information pages.

Environmental Input-Output

The Scottish Government Input-Output model has an environmental extension that makes it possible to estimate Greenhouse Gas Emission effects. These were last updated for the High Level Carbon Assessment of the Scottish Budget 2021-22, published on 28th of January 2021. The methodology underpinning the latest Carbon Assessment of the 2021-22 Budget remains the same as for the Carbon Assessment of the 2020-21 Budget. There has been no update to the UK Input-Output Analytical Tables at full industry detail since the Blue Book 2018 based 2015 tables. As a result, the only changes to the underlying model are to update the emissions data from ONS environmental accounts to the latest published version (December 2020) and to update the forecast GDP deflator used to project estimates to the budget year to the latest version published by HMT (December 2020). For more information about the methodology used please see the Environmental Input-Output methodology page.

The GHG effects published here detail the estimated direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions (expressed in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) as a result of £1m final use from each of the 98 Input-Output industry categories. These are derived from the Scottish Government Environmental Input-Output Model 2015 v2.0. This model is based on the Scottish Government Input-Output tables 2015 (published in July 2019), ONS Input-Output Analytical Tables 2015 (Blue Book 2018 consistent), ONS Environmental Accounts GHG emissions by industrial sector for 2015 (published in December 2020) and HM Treasury deflators (published on 22nd December 2020).

Since the Model is applied to 2021-22 Scottish Budget spending plans, the GHG effects are in 2021/22 prices.

Previously published tables are available upon request

All tables, all years 1998 to 2018

883 page PDF
13.4 MB

All tables, latest year (2018)

43 page PDF
6.3 MB

Aggregate tables 1998 to 2018

19 page PDF
2.2 MB

Methodology guide

40 page PDF
980.8 kB


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