Scottish Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest data linkage project: initial results

This report presents the initial results of the Scottish Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest data linkage project (OHCA data linkage project).


ACC - Ambulance Control Centre

Arrhythmia - Abnormal heart rhythm

Aus-ROC - Australian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium

BHF - British Heart Foundation -

Bystander - A lay person or non-Emergency Medical Service personnel

Can-ROC - Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium

Cardiac arrest - The heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body.

CHI - Community Health Index

Co-responder - In Scotland this refers to schemes where the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and the Scottish Ambulance Service work in partnership to provide an effective, rapid response to immediately life threatening medical emergencies, specifically in locations where the Fire Service will be able to get to the call more quickly.

CPR - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. Chest compressions and breaths delivered to a person who has suffered a cardiac arrest.

Data linkage - In this report we refer to matching a patient's ambulance service record to their CHI number to allow linkage to other parts of their health care record.

eDRIS - electronic Data Research and Innovation Service

ePRF - Electronic Patient Report Form

EuReCa - European Registry of Cardiac Arrest

EuReCa One - An international European project for collecting and analysing and reporting OHCA resuscitation events during October 2014.

GRA - Global Resuscitation Alliance

Heart attack - Damage to the heart caused by a clot in the coronary arteries-requires emergency treatment in hospital.

NHS - National Health Service

Non-shockable rhythm - Pulseless electrical activity or asystole - not treated with defibrillation.

NSS - NHS National Services Scotland

OHCA - Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

PBPP - Public Benefit and Privacy Panel (for Health & Social Care). The panel assesses the public benefit, privacy, confidentiality, and information governance in relation to NHS Scotland or National Records of Scotland-originated data.

Presenting Rhythm - The first ECG rhythm recorded at an OHCA.

ROC - Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium

ROSC - Return of Spontaneous Circulation

RRG - Resuscitation Research Group -

Safe Haven - Scotland has regional 'Safe Havens' located within Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and a National Safe Haven at NSS. Operating independently to agreed standards they provide advice, support and a secure environment for access to a wide range of research datasets while protecting the confidentiality of the data.

SAS - Scottish Ambulance Service -

Scot-ROC - Scottish Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium

SDC - Statistical Disclosure Control - methods applied to datasets and/or analysis to protect confidentiality

Shockable rhythm - Ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia - treated by delivering an electric shock using a defibrillator.

SICSAG - Scottish Intensive Care Society Audit Group -

SIMD - Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

SMR01 - Scottish Morbidity Record 01: a record of episodes of inpatient care.

SPARRA - Scottish Patients at Risk of Readmission and Admission is a risk prediction tool developed by NSS which predicts an individual's risk of being admitted to hospital as an emergency inpatient within the next year.

UCD - Unscheduled Care Datamart

Utstein - Internationally recognised criteria for uniform reporting of cardiac arrest.

VF - Ventricular Fibrillation: A condition in which there is uncoordinated contraction of the heart muscle, which can potentially be corrected by early defibrillation.


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