Student financial support in Scotland: independent review

Recommendations for improving the higher and further education student support system.

Appendix F: Acknowledgements and thanks

I would like to thank the Minister for appointing me to lead this Review. It has been a great privilege to meet so many students with a passion for learning, and I hope that the recommendations will make funding more accessible for all those who want to go into further and higher education in Scotland.

I also wish to thank:

  • all members of the Scottish Student Support Review Board who brought so many ideas, opinions and so much enthusiasm to our meetings and work;
  • all members of the sub-groups of the Board, whose diligent work helped the Board to shape our recommendations;
  • everyone we met at the many colleges and universities we visited;
  • the Scottish Government officials who acted as the secretariat for the Review: Geraldine Campbell, Jennifer Finn, Amanda McDonald and Stephen White; and
  • members of the Virgin Money team for their support.

Finally, I wish to thank all of the students who took time to write or speak to me and to all members of the public who took time to respond to the consultation. Your experiences were so important in shaping the recommendations we have made. I hope that the proposals convey the importance the Board attaches to further and higher education in Scotland being available to everyone, whatever their circumstances and whatever their chosen educational path.

Jayne-Anne Gadhia, CBE

Independent Chair
Student Support Review in Scotland


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