Independent Oversight and Assurance Group on Tayside's Mental Health Services

Final Report from the Independent Oversight and Assurance Group on Tayside's Mental Health Services.

Appendix 1: Final Rag Status

# Recommendation Descriptor TEP/SG OG
1 Develop a new culture A A
2 Whole System Review A A
3 Coproduce plans with stakeholders A A
4 Service Users and Staff groups as scrutiny partners A A
5 Review Delegated Responsibility G G
6 Board member responsibilities G G
7 Board member decisions G A
8 Public reporting of performance G A
9 Strategic and operational risks A G
10 Line mgt and appraisals A A
11 SAER process and training G G
12 Scot Govt Recommendation: Review of scrutiny & assurance A A
13 Strategy and plan for CMHTs A A
14 Integrating SMS and MH A R
15 CMHT data G G
16 7 day IHTT in Angus G G
17 Complex Case Reviews A A
18 Plan CMHT workforce A A
19 Reduce waiting times A A
20 Distress Brief Interventions G G
21 CRHTT & CMHT relations A A
22 University crisis pathways G G
23 Inpatient De-escalation G G
24 Involve families in care planning A A
25 Information on admission G G
26 Carer and advocacy services G A
27 Inpatient Staffing levels G A
28 Inpatient Psychological Therapies A A
29 Reduce ward locking G G
30 Inpatient environment safety A A
31 Learning from LAERs G G
32 Scot Govt Recommendation: Guidelines relating to substance misuse on inpatient wards G A
33 Early intervention young people G G
34 CAMHS rejected referrals G G
35 Neurodevelopmental pathway A R
36 CAMHS clinical governance G G
37 Junior Doc support on-call G G
38 CAMHS confidentiality protocols G G
39 18-24 Transitions G A
40 Waiting List analysis G G
41 CAMHS independent advocacy G A
42 Involve staff in service development G A
43 Staff face-to-face meetings G A
44 Staff - exit interviews G A
45 Recruit Assoc. Med. Director G G
46 Support Junior Docs and NQPs G A
47 Communications systems G G
48 Staff - bullying and harassment G A
49 Staff - work-related stress G A
50 Staff - mediation & media relations G A
51 Reaction to and comms around external reviews G A

RAG Descriptors:

Green – actions are complete, and the intended outcomes have been achieved or actions are on track and the intended outcomes are very likely to be achieved in the timescales required.

Amber – actions are marked as complete but have not achieved the intended outcome or actions are underway but are unlikely to achieve the outcomes in the timescales required – additional action required.

Red – actions are not underway and / or not on track and urgent remedial action is required to achieve the intended outcomes.



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