Independence: what you need to know

Information about Scotland's future.

International relations

The Scottish Government’s policies for an independent Scotland at a glance

  • re-joining the European Union as a member state
  • free movement across the Common Travel Area and the EU
  • border arrangements that best suit Scotland’s needs


Under an arrangement called the Common Travel Area, people in Scotland would be able to live, work and move freely within the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.

All British and Irish citizens would continue to live, work and move freely in Scotland.

An independent Scotland would have the powers to set immigration policies that would welcome and attract talent from around the world. This would provide more flexibility for people and business. 

An independent Scotland would seek to re-join the European Union. As an EU member state, Scotland would protect its place in the single market which requires checks on certain goods from outside the EU – either at the border or elsewhere.

The Scottish Government would prepare measures to help traders adapt to new procedures and requirements.

Read more about borders in the economy paper.

More information will be added to these pages as the Building a New Scotland papers are published.

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