Improving Wellbeing and Working Cultures

Improving Wellbeing and Working Cultures (IWWC), sets out the Scottish Government's vision to enhance working cultures across our health, social care and social work workforce, through programmes of work at a national level that focus on the pillars of: wellbeing, leadership and equality.

5. Strategic Board

To hold us accountable for delivering our commitments, a Strategic Board has been created to; provide governance, strategic direction, challenge, and oversight of the delivery of the actions and identify inter-dependencies that emerge.

The Strategic Board brings together senior leaders from across health, social care and social work who will work collectively to share knowledge, learning and good practice across the three sectors.

They provide a wealth of experience that will support the development of wellbeing, leadership and equality interventions which are appropriate for the different systems and distinct nature of each sector.

The Strategic Board will provide direction, advice and assurance to help shape the Action Plan into viable outputs that will provide a way to support and enable organisations to improve working culture.



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