Implementing 'A Blueprint for Fairness': progress report

Report on the implementation of the Blueprint's recommendations for achieving equality of access to higher education in Scotland.


In the 2014/15 Programme for Government, the Scottish Government set out its ambition that every child, irrespective of socioeconomic background, should have an equal chance of accessing higher education. The Commission on Widening Access ('the Commission') was established to advise Ministers on the steps necessary to achieve this.

The Commission published its final report: A Blueprint for Fairness, in March 2016. The report contained 34 recommendations. The final recommendation was that the Scottish Government report on progress with the recommendations it accepted, one year from the date of acceptance.

This report provides an update on implementation of the Commission's foundational recommendations, as outlined below, along with an overview of the work undertaken to deliver the other recommendations.

It concludes by setting out the Scottish Government's plans to monitor and coordinate delivery along with its expectations for implementation in the next year.


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