Deposit return scheme: impact on small grocers

A report setting out a table of the values which have been derived and the approach that was taken to generating them.

Section 6: Conclusion

This Study has provided three key outputs:

1. An estimate of the cost a store may suffer each year should they partake in the Deposit Return Scheme. However, this cost does not take into consideration the additional income that a Store would receive from the Scheme. Nor does it estimate the additional revenue a Store might receive from its existing customers visiting the store more regularly to deposit their used containers, or from new customers whose existing store does not run such a scheme; or the goodwill from simply being part of a 'green' scheme.

2. An estimate of the staff cost per hour and a model which can be used to flex this cost once more is known about the scheme - for example, the number of additional hours an employee would be required to work. The model also allows for inputs to be changed (for example, increases in the wage rate of an employee).

3. An analysis of other points raised during the Study - for example, the likely location of a DRS machine or manual process, and the other set-up and on-going costs that are yet to be estimated (and who would be responsible for paying for them).

Finally, all the Sample Stores that we spoke to were in favour of such a scheme and considered it something that they have a responsibility to be a part of. They were all keen to know more about the scheme during the study and look forward to knowing more about it.

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