Race equality: immediate priorities plan

Progress made on the actions taken to implement the recommendations of the Expert Reference Group for COVID-19 and Ethnicity, and continuing work on race equality across government.

10. Wider Ongoing Race Equality Work

In addition to the work ongoing to implement the ERG recommendations, we have worked with policy leads in areas across government to identify their key priorities for race equality in the coming months, including not only a fair and equal recovery from COVID-19 but also the national mission to tackle Child Poverty, as well as the commitments made by the incoming administration.

A summary of these key priorities is provided in Annex B as part of the IPP.

This work in addition to the implementation of the ERG Recommendations will be monitored by the Immediate Priorities Delivery Group. Specific objectives for each of the above factors reported on were agreed following the initial Delivery Group meeting on 22 July.


Email: charlie.goodwin-smith@gov.scot

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