Human Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy: first annual progress report

The first annual progress report sets out the progress made during the first year of implementation of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy.


1. GLAA “Horse Trading” video:
Modern Slavery Helpline:
Stronger Together videos: https://
Hope for Justice:
Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner:
More links for legislation and guidance:

2. /publications/human-trafficking-resources/



5. Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (2017) – Evidence and Procedure Review – Joint Investigative Interviews Work-stream: Project Report.


7. /news/heightened-awareness-of-trafficking/

8. Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour:—en/index.htm


10. Emergency within an emergency (2017) – Harvard University; Harrowing journeys (2017) – Unicef and IOM; Study on high-risk groups of trafficking in human beings (2015)EC (Migration and Home Affairs) – esp.2.2.3 (p42) and 4.2.3-4.2.4 (pp72-73); EC Communication on protection of children in migration (2017) – esp., section 3 (pp6-8); Children in crisis: unaccompanied children in Europe (2016) – esp., para. 200>; and Lanzarote Committee (2017) – Council of Europe – esp., I.4 (pp12-15)


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