Human Tissue (Authorisation) Act: consultation on Type A draft procedures

We are seeking your views, in accordance with the Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Act 2019, on specified Type A pre-death procedures.


33. Type A procedures are those medical procedures which would be considered routine within the context of facilitating transplantation. They are medical procedures a person may reasonably expect to have authorised if they have authorised donation (including where authorisation for donation is deemed).

34. The above procedures are grouped into classes, with individual procedures listed within each class. When answering the questions below please consider both the over-arching class of Type A procedure (in bold) as well as the individual types of procedure listed under each class.

Question 1. If there is anything in the Type A procedures list that you think should not be included, please comment here, giving reasons why.

Question 2. If there is anything missing from the Type A procedures list, please comment here, giving reasons why.

Question 3. If any amendments to the wording in the Type A procedures list are required, please comment here.

Question 4. If you would like to comment on any other aspect of this consultation, please comment here.



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