Human Tissue (Authorisation) Act: consultation on Type A draft procedures

We are seeking your views, in accordance with the Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Act 2019, on specified Type A pre-death procedures.

The Type A procedures

28. The Scottish Government is proposing that the medical procedures listed below will be defined as Type A pre-death procedures, and are seeking views on this proposed list.

29. In developing the list of Type A procedures, the Scottish Government has continued to work closely with those directly involved in donation and transplantation across the NHS, with the aim of ensuring an effective regulatory framework for Type A pre-death procedures is implemented and accurately reflects current clinical practice.

30. As noted earlier, once the new framework is enacted, a pre-death procedure may only be carried out if it is included in the list of procedures specified in Regulations by Scottish Ministers, and approved and brought into force by the Scottish Parliament.

31. As outlined above, Type A procedures are those medical procedures which would be considered routine within the context of facilitating transplantation. They are medical procedures a person may reasonably expect to be carried out by authorising donation (including where authorisation for donation is deemed), within the framework and safeguards included in the Act.

32. It is important to note that the Regulations provide which medical procedures may be carried out and not the purpose for which they may be carried out. For example, 'taking of a blood sample' will include all purposes for which a blood sample would be taken i.e. all tests which require to be carried out on that sample.



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