Housing (Scotland) Act 2001: model short Scottish secure tenancy agreement

Sample tenancy document for the use of landlords and tenants.

Model Short Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement


The Scottish Executive would like to express its thanks to all those who have contributed towards the production of this document for their helpful suggestions and comments. In particular we would like to express our appreciation to Derek O'Carroll, Advocate, who drafted the Model Short Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement, the summary and legal commentary.


This document consists of four parts. Section One is an explanation of how to use the Model. Section Two contains the Model Agreement itself and Section Three is the summary which would be given also to the tenant as part of the signing-up process. The final part, Section Four is a detailed legal commentary to the Model, which explains the reason for each paragraph. It is not intended to be a comprehensive and authoritative interpretation of the law but it may be used as a reference tool so as to understand the reason for the inclusion of each paragraph.


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